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Spa Facial
Clarifying Facial
Body Scrub & Massage

using Himalayan Salts with 84 minerals

Anti-Aging Facial & Massage
60 Minute Deep Tissue Therapy
Spray Tan
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage
60 Minute Access Consciousness Bars

Access Consciousness Bars

There are 32 Bars in your head that contain limitations, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, judgments and considerations that are preventing you from seeing more possibilities and living a full life. The therapy deletes all the useless “files” related to money, healing, time, creativity, control, joy, sadness, awareness etc.

Similar to when you delete the history on your computer, a Bars session allows you to start again with a fresh, clean slate. The energy of the universe becomes available to you and often this results in more peace, ease, joy and abundance in your life.

Benefits include:

  • deep relaxation and total peace
  • relief of insomnia and other sleeping difficulties
  • incredible clarity and focus
  • elimination of body aches and pains
  • reduced stress and mind chatter
  • deeper connection with self and the universe
  • anxiety and depression alleviated or totally released
  • increased sense of gratitude, joy and well-being
  • relieved tension in mind and body
  • increased energy and expansion
  • released anger and frustration
  • improved personal relationships

Imagine that as you get rid of the heavy stuff in your life, you become lighter and more positive, and feel more bliss and JOY! You begin to realize that life is full of choices and YOU are in charge of what happens.

Re-Treat Day Spa


Brow Tinting
Lash Tinting
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Fill
3D Eyebrow Feathering


Eyelash Extensions

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Re-Treat Day Spa

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