Retention Release

A powerful blend of carefully selected herbs, RETENTION RELEASE contains an abundance of nutrients that have been shown to help alleviate water retention in the body that causes swelling or edema. Besides the obvious discomfort that this fluid build up causes, water retention can produce unnecessary stress on vital organs and can cause high blood pressure. Although both genders can develop this condition, it seems to be more common in women because of the menstrual cycle. RETENTION RELEASE compliments all of our weight loss products. It has been shown to be an effective addition to our weight reduction programs.

Each 500 mg Capsule Contains:
Synergistic exclusive proprietary blend of:

  • Taraxacum officinate leaf extract (standardized for taraxacin)
  • uva ursi leaf extract (standardized to 20% arbutin)
  • green tea extract
  • equisetum niemie var. affine (standardized for equise tonin)
  • juniper berry extract In a base of magnesium stearate
  • Gelatin capsule

As a food supplement, take two capsules three times daily or as directed.

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