Ultra L-Glutamine

L-GLUTAMINE is the most abundant free amino acid found in the muscles of the body. Often referred to as brain fuel, it can easily pass through the blood-brain barrier.

Research shows that L-GLUTAMINE has been helpful with:

  • intestinal disorders
  • peptic ulcers
  • arthritis
  • auto immune diseases
  • fibrosis
  • epilepsy
  • fatigue
  • impotence
  • senility

It has also shown that it can reduce sugar, carbohydrate and alcohol cravings. Improved healing and reduction of muscle soreness from exercise has been attributed to the use of L-Glutamine.

Each Capsule Contains:
L-Glutamine 500 mg (In a base of magnesium stearate, gelatin capsule.)

As a food supplement, take 4 capsules on an empty stomach before bedtime.

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